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Preventive maintenance

Automate maintenance with smart scheduling

  • Ensure consistency with standardized checklists
  • Flexibly assign tasks using dates, shifts and departments, all with recurrence
  • Connect with assets to track maintenance histories and reduce downtime
Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Create inspections with fully customizable checklists

  • Use multiple input types (text, number, image, meters, date and time and more).
  • Evaluate success or failure of audits and inspections with response scoring
  • Automatically trigger tasks and alerts using conditional response evaluations
Reporting and analytics

Use in-depth analytics to make smarter decisions

  • Auto-generated reports to extract key insights behind maintenance and audit operations
  • Setup regular scheduled reports to update all key stakeholders
  • Export data in multiple formats - Excel, PDF, CSV
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Additional Features

icon for features mobile app

Mobile application

Allow field teams to completed tasks, perform audits and report issues using the fully featured mobile application.

icon for feature assets

Asset management

Update and track assets information along with detailed maintenance history, downtime analysis and asset tagging.

icon for features incident handling

Incident handling

Manually or automatically trigger incidents with photos and videos, assign to users and track closure.

icon for feature attendance


Use geo-fences and facial recognition to ensure field teams are on time, everytime.

icon for features shifts

Shift management

Manually or automatically assign shifts to employees, track time sheets and integrate with payroll (coming soon).

icon for features inventory

Inventory and Parts

Track inventory levels along with vendor and purchase process management (coming soon).

Live in four small steps

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Import data.

Onboard sites, users, assets and locations with our easy to use interface.

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Customize checklists and workflows as required using the in-built editor.

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Schedule and assign.

Complex task management with a few clicks - across any combination of users, checklists, sites, assets, and locations.

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Go live in hours, not days.

With customized checklists, flexible scheduling, detailed reporting, fully configured mobile application and so much more!

What our users have been saying

"We’ve seen 30% revenue growth quarter over quarter and now we’re rolling it out across all customers."

Gale Stormdrain

Head of Product

"The ability to see the entire teams workflow and collaborate behind the scenes creates a better experience for our users."

Joshua Manson


"Emerald has been a tremendous help to our team and is saving our customers 3600 hours per month with its answers."

Yvonne Chen

VP of Marketing

Bring clarity to your operations

From the small stuff to the big picture, our product streamlines operations so users are clear what to do, why it matters, and how to get it done.

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